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on a Green Home Journey in California

Serenity Project Homes

Welcome to our journey to serenity through custom green home building. Our goal at Serenity Project Homes is to inspire innovation through sustainable architecture and interior design. Our first build, Serenity Under the Oaks, is a net zero energy emissions custom build and is currently under way in San Diego, California with a projected completion date of MONTH, YEAR. This first journey to finding serenity has been a rewarding learning experience good for both the mind and soul. And we have big plans for the future to find serenity through undergoing additional net zero green and architecturally significant builds. 


Join us on our exhilarating and visionary journey to serenity. Whether you are renovating a single aspect of your home for sustainability or starting your own path forward in custom green home building, we invite you to learn about our experiences at each step of the build & design process and to use this website as a resource to inform and inspire your next project. 



Serenity Under the Oaks property acquired and recorded. Initial meetings with architects and contractor occur


Initial Serenity Under the Oaks renderings developed


Serenity Under the Oaks groundbreaking

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