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Serenity Under the Oaks

Come with us on a journey to Serenity Under the Oaks in San Diego, California. Serenity Under the Oaks is our first venture into custom green home building and is projected to be complete by XXXXX. From the moment we first saw the land that we ultimately selected to build Serenity Under the Oaks, we could feel the serenity and spirituality exuding from every rock, oak tree, and view point. This has served as our inspiration for this future home.
With Serenity Under the Oaks, we are building with intentionality and respect for the land and the Kumeyaay people who are native to the region. We embrace the history and legacy of the Kumeyaay people who inhabited this land. Rather than removing the surrounding nature for this build, the home will be built directly into nature and will use innovative technology and green architecture principles to ensure net zero energy emissions.
Our Design and Sustainability Tenets guide every decision related to the architecture and interior design of Serenity Under the Oaks.

Design Tenets

Accessible to All

Serenity Under the Oaks will be available for vacation stays and work retreats. The home is not exclusive and a stay here will be worth every penny.

Nature Inspired

Serenity Under the Oaks is respectively and intentionally designed to be one with the surrounding nature; Blended purposefully with the native natural surroundings.

Perfection in Aesthetic Proportions

Serenity Under the Oaks utilizes timeless rationale in every measurement, ensuring a an aesthetic that will last for generations.

Form Follows Function

Serenity Under the Oaks ensures every visual detail supports a rational functionality.

Sustainable Tenets

Passive Solar

Serenity Under the Oaks utilizes the sun’s power to manage temperatures rather than forced air.

Thermal Mass

Serenity Under the Oaks utilizes thermally stable mass to maintain temperature and humidity levels.


Serenity Under the Oaks respects the local environment of plants and animals and the native land of the Kumeyaay people. Our architects utilize trade winds, an understanding of the local climate, and local resources to build and sustain a home that maintains a comfortable living environment.


Serenity Under the Oaks uses quality materials and timeless design principles to construct a home that will maintain for multiple generations.


Serenity Under the Oaks does not use any artificial toxins in the design build or interior design. The resulting home will provide health-conscious activities and solutions where guests can breathe clean, fresh air.


Serenity Under the Oaks will include only highly energy efficient appliances and reduced water usage. Through this home we will encourage a lifestyle and experience of simplicity and reduced use of resources.


Land Acknowledgement:
Serenity Project Homes acknowledges our presence on the traditional ancestral land of the Kumeyaay people. This land remains unceded territory. We acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory. Serenity Project Homes honors and respects the Kumeyaay ancestors and their connection to this land.


Labor Acknowledgement:
We are indebted to the trades and industry workers past and present for their labor and sacrifice. We recognize the immigrant and American-born workers of African, Asian, and Central and South American descent whose labor remains hidden in the shadows but greatly contributes to the wellbeing of our collective community. Serenity Project Homes intentionally hires and promotes trade and industry companies that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.